How to Submit a Claim - Lodgify Embedded Program

To ensure your claim is processed quickly, please follow these steps.

There are four steps to completing a claim: 

  1. Open the Claim Form
  2. Review Reservation Information 
  3. Complete the Claim Details
  4. Save as a Draft or Submit Claim 

File a Claim

In Lodgify

Prior to the guest's check in date, a message will show in the reservation under Damage protection section indicating that the Claims period is not open. The claim period will open when the guest checks in and remain open for 60 days post the departure date of the reservation.

After the guest has check in, the File a Claim button will show.

A claim must be filed within 60 days post the departure date of a claim. After 60 days, the File a Claim button will no longer show. Initiating a claim and saving as a "Draft" will satisfy the 60-day requirement. There are no exceptions to this rule.

1. Open the Claim Form

  • Find and open the reservation related to the Claim.
  • Under Damage Protection section:
    • Hover over File a Claim and click to open.

2. Review Reservation Information

Reservation Information - Review the details to confirm you are filing the claim on the correct reservation. 

3. Claim Details 

There are three sections to be completed: 

What Happened?

To save a draft, the required fields are Damage Date, Description, and Total Claim Amount. To submit a claim, all fields must be complete in this section.

* Required field prior to submitting claim. 

** Required field prior to saving as draft.

  •  When did the damage occur? ** - This will default to the reservation's check out date. Click the calendar to modify this date, if needed.
  • Provide a description of the damage and what caused the damage ** - Enter details of the damage, cause, and any other pertinent information. 
  • Describe the loss: - Select all that apply from the list:
    • Damage to rental property
    • Damage to guest's property
    • Injury - See form details below.
    • Theft or Fire - See form details below.
    • Other loss

  • Is the home liveable? * - Select Yes or No - If the home can legally be occupied, you must select Yes
  • Do you believe the damage was accidental? *  - Select Yes or No
  • How negligent was the guest? * - Use slide bar to selection the option that best describes the level of guest negligence:
    • purely accidental, somewhat accidental, somewhat negligent, negligent, purely negligent. 
  • Would you rent to this guest again? * - Select Yes or No

Additional Form Details

If any fields are incomplete, you will see a red X in the section header. 

If all fields are complete, you will see a blue checkmark in the section header.

Injury - Complete the additional information:

  • Injured parties name, phone and address.
  • Enter a description of the injury and what you know happened.
  • Total claim amount - Enter $3000.00 

Theft or Fire - Complete the additional information:

  • Police/Fire Department Name * 
  • All other fields are optional but provide this information if it is available. 

Payment Information

If you have completed a Claims ACH Form, this section will not show in your Claim form. Safely will pay claim proceeds directly into your designated bank account. 

If you have requested that claim proceeds are paid to you via Check, this section will show in your Claim form. Please complete all required fields:

  • To whom should the check be made and sent? * - Select To Organization or To Homeowner
  • Make Check Payable To: * - Complete all required field.

If you are completing the 'Make Check Payable To' section it is important to confirm the Name and Address are correct. If the check is mailed to the wrong address or is returned to Safely, a new check will need to be created and mailed. This slows down the payment process time.

Supporting Documents

Claim Type - To determine what documents are required for each claim type, check a Claim Type that applies to your claim.

  • Upload Documents and add a short description. Multiple documents can be uploaded at one time. 

*** In order to provide you with the best service, please provide as much documentation as you can. The more photos you provide, the better. ***

4. Save Draft or File Claim

There are two options to select when completing your form:

  • Save Draft
    • Sometimes it may take longer to gather the information needed to submit a claim. If you are not ready to submit immediately, you should save the claim as a draft. The time stamp for the draft claim will preserve the filing date requirement if it is not more than 60 days after the departure date.  
    • To save a draft, there are three required fields that must be complete: Damage Date, Description, and Total Claim Amount.
    • If the required information has been added, the Save Draft button will show. 
    • In the Exit pop-up
      • Click Yes if you want to exit after saving the draft. 
      • Click No if you want to continue adding claim details or submit the claim for review by the Safely team.
    • When a draft is saved, you can continue to make updates to the claim prior to submitting.
    • Safely does not review claims in Draft form. The claim is not considered submitted.

  • Submit Claim
    • To submit a claim, all fields must be complete in each section.
    • If all the required information has been added, all sections will be blue and have a checkmark.
    • The Submit Claim button will be available to select. 
    • Upon submission, a message will confirm: Claim has been submitted successfully.

Submit Claim button will not be show until all required details have been added to the Claims form.

When successfully submitted, a confirmation notification will show: 

Once a claim has been submitted, to view details: 

  • Go to the reservation under Damage protection section:
    • When a claim is filed and in progress, the Claim Status will show Pending.
    • To update a claim, select Manage Claim on Safely.
    • When a claim is filed and approved, the Claim Status will show Approved.
    • When a claim is filed and denied, the Claim Status will show Declined.


Any questions for Lodgify? Reach out to them directly:  Contact Us - Lodgify