How to Submit a Claim



Steps to Submit a Claim

  1. Visit:
  2. Go to Reservations and search for the reservation by guest name or reservation name.
  3. Click on Submit Claim in the line item.
  4. Add the amount of the loss, a description, invoices, and photos

    Tips for Even Faster Processing

    • Be timely – submit the claim within 60 days of the loss.
    • Be thorough – take several photos from different angles including closeup and widescreen.
    • Be precise – upload scans or photos of receipts, invoices, and quotes to the portal (avoid web links that may expire) and make sure they add up to the total amount claimed.

      Handle with Care

      The following claim types require special attention (and possibly an inspection) so please contact us as soon as possible and we will be with you every step of the way.

      • Carpets and walls – please hire a professional cleaner first; replacements typically require an inspection.
      • Theft – contact us and we will help you file a police report.
      • Bodily injury – do not admit guilt and contact us immediately for assistance and our claims and legal teams will help you with the next steps.
      • Large claims – contact us before taking any action if the claim exceeds $1,000.
      • Supplemental claims – if you need to amend your claim, please send an email to your concierge rather than submitting a separate claim.

      Some General Exclusions

      Your insurance covers commercial rentals, specifically your liability, your homeowner's liability, and your guest's liability. Please consult the homeowner's general policy for damage due to weather and acts of nature.

      Our policy does not cover loss of revenue due to damage or pest (including bed bug) infestations.

      The insurance covers direct damage costs, and our underwriters usually deny additional administrative fees.